Thank you for checking out my author website! In addition to being a writer, I am a Professor of English at a local community college. I have about 125 students each semester and usually grade over 3,500 assignments every five months, which would make me cry, were it not for coffee, my cats, and late night sitcoms.

These are my cats – two adoptees and one who wandered into the Barlow household on her own. The mottos of these cats are as follows. Dusty: “Hode me. Forever.” Smaug: “Pet me with your eyes. Don’t smother me, mama. Wait! Where are you going?” Fiona: “I love you, but I haven’t decided not to kill you yet.”

They make sure to dominate me daily and also stop me when I’m grading by standing on my computer or crawling into my lap and putting out the Zzz vibes.

I love nature and often go for hikes.

I just got a trampoline recently and am outside almost every time I get a chance.

Sometimes the cats join in.

This is my mom. She is an amazing woman. She helped take care of my father for 17 years as he went through health crisis after health crisis (including a heart attack, stroke, and foot amputation, among many other things). She held down the household while I went to college, and helped support me as I got my two masters degrees. She is so smart and kind. We like to go eat souffles and cheese on the weekend. We also often go for Mexican food and always get queso. Queso with a Dr. Pepper is heaven.

My best friend is Adam. We have been friends for over a decade! I don’t know what I would do without him!

I got a three book deal recently with the publisher California Coldblood Books for a dark fantasy trilogy I have been working on for seven years, and I am very excited! The first book of the trilogy is Pivot. The next two are Perish and Peak.

I’m still getting ahold of this author thing, and some things are difficult, like contacting authors for blurbs (eek!), sending out copies for giveaways, touring on blogs, contacting thousands of libraries and readers.

But I love it. And, besides, the boys are here to help me:

Thank you for all of your support!

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