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I Really Like to Read Books, But It Takes Me at Least a Couple of Months to Start Reading. When I Buy a Book, I Lose the Motivation to Read It. What Should I Do?

I highly recommend listening to audiobooks as a workaround. Studies have shown that listening to audiobooks has the same effect on the brain as does regular reading. After I got Learn More

What Is the Worst Side Effect You Have Ever Experienced from Taking a Prescription Medication?

Back in 2012, I had a very odd sore throat that would not go away. Rather than make an appointment with my GP (which I should have done), I instead Learn More

From Back in the Day :-)

Why can’t people live beyond suffering?

Supposedly, they can, though this is reserved for those who have “found enlightenment.” Suffering is different from pain in that pain will always exist, but suffering is a result of Learn More

Perish Is Now Available on NetGalley and BookSirens

Great news! For all you book reviewers out there (as well as anyone who enjoyed Pivot), a free copy of the second book of the Jack Harper Trilogy – Perish Learn More

My Current Favorite Food

Currently, my favorite food is actually a selection of cheeses that I was able to try at Rise No. 1 in Dallas, TX, but which quickly became a staple of Learn More

What I’ve Been Up To During the Pandemic

I’m a person that normally goes out several times a week (and would do so even more, if I had more energy after teaching and writing). In particular, I love Learn More

Imitation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven and John Milton’s Paradise Lost

One semester during my MFA, there were two scenes I was working on in my second novel Perish, and I was having difficulty focusing on ensuring description that was well Learn More

While Sorting Through a Deceased Person’s Possessions, What Is the Most Disturbing Thing You Found?

The fifth and last of my Quora answers that I’ll share for the time being was one of the most difficult to write. Though the situation happened a while ago, Learn More

What Is the Most Clever Thing You Have Seen Someone Do in an Emergency?

A fourth answer of mine that has garnered tens of thousands of views (43,500) on Quora had to do with some quick thinking on my mother’s part in concern with Learn More

Needing some kickass female characters in your life? Check out these 3 books by @jlrothstein1 @LaraAnnDominick & @LCBarlowAuthor you won’t be disappointed!

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#BookReview Pivot by @LCBarlowAuthor "A good dark and disturbing #supernatural thriller that I really enjoyed reading. A pulse-racing, heart-pounding and beautifully terrifying read ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️" #DarkFantasy #ComingOfAge #Thriller #JackHarper #bookblogger

Pivot: Jack Harper Trilogy, Book 1 by @LCBarlowAuthor (#BookShowcase @superkambrook) #DarkFantasy #magic #supernatural #author #book #kindle #StayHome #ReadMore #KamsPlace #BookPromoter

Pivot: Jack Harper Trilogy, Book 1 by @LCBarlowAuthor (#BookShowcase) #DarkFantasy #magic #supernatural #author #book #kindle #StayHome #ReadMore #KamsPlace #BookPromoter

9/22 @LCBarlowAuthor (Pivot: Jack Harper Trilogy #Book 1) #paranormal #darkfantasy #magic
#StayHome #ReadMore #KamsPlace #BookPromoter

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