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I Really Like to Read Books, But It Takes Me at Least a Couple of Months to Start Reading. When I Buy a Book, I Lose the Motivation to Read It. What Should I Do?

I highly recommend listening to audiobooks as a workaround. Studies have shown that listening to audiobooks has the same effect on the brain as does regular reading.

After I got my first masters degree in English, I was a bit burned out on reading because it was difficult for me not to tackle reading with analysis and as work. Audiobooks were my way around that, and I listen to them now while exercising, driving, or eating. As a result, I read about 14 books a year. That’s not an amazing number, but I’m also grading papers at a community college and writing fiction.

Something I have also discovered is that I highly enjoy autobiographies in audiobook form that are performed/read by their authors – such as Carrie Fisher, Eddie Izzard, Craig Ferguson, and David Lynch. I don’t think I would have discovered this without the medium of audiobooks because I primarily read novels in the horror/fantasy genre. But because audiobooks are a different art form, they might help you discover a different way of enjoying reading and, thus, different genres to enjoy.

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Black Friday Review is up and today it's all about those crowds and lines that the baggage auction. The Last Case At The Baggage Auction - Eric J Guignard. Check it out. Hit subscribe. I appreciate ya.

Love this review of Pivot by Cameron Chaney. Many, many thanks to him!

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in the first of a week of reviews, here's what i thought about @LCBarlowAuthor's PIVOT

in short: an excellent take on cult horror from within the depths of the inner circle itself

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Pivot and Perish are both available on McLean & Eakin Booksellers' website! If you haven't ordered a copy yet, you can check them out here!,%20L.%20C.%22?fbclid=IwAR0qRB5kdclHHpmLtyLXvP-6TxtgaRGbqhIQ_z2Y726rLZwavunPDGeH6-g

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