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What I’ve Been Up To During the Pandemic

I’m a person that normally goes out several times a week (and would do so even more, if I had more energy after teaching and writing). In particular, I love the Bishop Arts District in the south area of Dallas, with its Emporium Pie Shop, Eno’s Pizza, Serve Cafe, and Wild Detectives Bookstore, among many other places.

However, as COVID-19 has swept across the U.S., I have been staying inside and, much to my surprise, knocked a ton of things off of my to-do list at home. These are things I normally would have postponed indefinitely.

So far, I have 1.) painted the pantry, 2.) organized my room, 3.) put baskets on the guest bedroom wall for my mother to store yarn in, 4.) emptied one of my storage units, so I don’t have to pay for it anymore, 5.) painted my mother’s room, 6.) painted my room, and 7.) added new bedding to my room.

It is amazing what a little paint will do!

Today, having finished these major items, I was able to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Pics below!

1.) Before and after pics of the pantry:

2.) Pics of the baskets used for yarn on the guest bedroom wall:

3. Before and after pics of emptying my storage unit:

4.) Before and after pics of painting my mother’s room:

5.) Before and after pics of painting my bedroom:

It took about a month and a half to accomplish all of this. So, so pleased with the final result. Resting today and enjoying the fruits of my labor!



  1. Lisa Shapiro says:

    You’ve done so well. The white walls look crisp an clean. Those other colors looked spent and tacky. Good for you. I wish my old place was in check as well !

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much! I am utterly exhausted. 😂😭 If the pandemic hadn’t occurred, I doubt I would have gotten all of this done.

      My mom told me that her bedroom hadn’t been painted since the 80s! 😬 So glad that’s no longer the case!

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