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eGift Card and Cash Giveaways!!! 💰

Hi there! So, I could tell that not too many of you were impressed by my $10 offer for the first hundred people to send me screenshots of their confirmed PIVOT order, and I get that. It’s not extreme enough, and horror lovers live for the extreme. So, here’s what I’m going to do. In an effort to build interest in the novel, and to also do something fun for you guys, I would like to hold three cash drawings leading up to and after the release of PIVOT.

Let’s start with the largest cash prize. On October 21st of this year, I’m going to offer a grand prize of AT LEAST $1,000 to be given randomly to one of the people who has e-mailed me at an image of their confirmed pre-order, or order, of the book on Amazon (with order # visible). This could be a paperback, Kindle, or audiobook copy. And this is just where I’m starting.

I am going to START at $1,000 for the grand prize. BUT, if I get, say, 250 pre-order confirmations, the prize will increase to $1500. And, if instead I get 500 e-mails, the prize will increase to $2,000. If I receive 1,000 e-mail confirmations, one of you will receive a prize of $3,000. If I receive 2,000, the prize will be $5,000. The more pre-orders I get, the greater the grand prize will be.

I will have regular updates on @thehorrorgallery, @homesweethell, and @creepycabin, as well as my own Instagram account @lcbarlowauthor .

Your job will be to e-mail me your confirmed Amazon pre-order or order at with the order # visible, let everyone know about the possibility of winning the #pivotprize, and follow me on Instagram. Tell everyone you know who loves horror to check out PIVOT’s synopsis and blurbs. It may be something they’re interested in, and if it turns out they are, and they purchase the novel, then tell them to e-mail me at with a screenshot that confirms the purchase. It would be so wonderful to send one of you guys $10,000. I’m really hoping we can hit that mark, but even if we can’t, it would be just as fun to hit a $2500 or $5,000 mark and send that money your way. If we enter some sort of Twilight Zone, where I receive more than 10,000 pre-order confirmations, then I will consider issuing a new set of goals in a new post.

As I said before, though, I am offering THREE cash prizes, and we haven’t even talked about the other two! The two other ones leading up to and after the October 21st date are the following:

Out of the FIRST 100 people to e-mail their purchase confirmations to (with order # visible), I will randomly choose three people to send a $250 Amazon eGift Card to. So, if you are one of the first hundred to e-mail me proof of your pre-order, you have a chance to win one of three $250 eGift Cards.

My last cash prize will be given on Halloween of this year! And all it requires is for you to take a selfie reading PIVOT, whether it’s a paperback, eBook, or audiobook! (But it has to obviously be PIVOT). Simply post a selfie of yourself reading PIVOT on your Instagram account with #pivotprize as well as message it to me @lcbarlowauthor on Instagram by October 31st, and I will randomly choose three people to each receive a $500 Amazon eGift card. 😀

So, to recap. There are three giveaways. 1. Three randomly chosen people out of the first hundred who send me pre-order confirmations will receive a $250 Amazon eGift Card. 2. ONE person out of everyone who sends me a pre-order or order confirmation by October 21st will receive the grand prize, which will be AT LEAST $1,000, and may be more, depending on the number of pre-purchases I receive. 3. From October 21st to October 31st, people have a chance to message me their awesome selfies reading PIVOT on Instagram with #pivotprize, and out of those people, three will be randomly chosen to receive a $500 Amazon eGift Card.

This is the real deal, guys. The more e-mails I get, the higher the prize. Remember that your e-mail with proof of pre-order must be sent by October 21st of this year. I’m so excited! Let’s get started!

Winners will be e-mailed and announced via the above Instagram accounts, as well as on this blog!

Note: All gift cards provided will be from and not from any of the international sites. Thus, if you live outside of the U.S., you should take this into account, as anything you purchase with the gift card must be via the site.


***Stay tuned for future Halloween-themed giveaways, as well! 🎃


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