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Gothic & Enchanted said my book was one of her favorites ♥♥♥

Several months ago, I contacted one of my favorite Facebook posters – Gothic&Enchanted – to ask if she would be willing to take a look at PIVOT and maybe review the book. She informed me that she would, and I was optimistic, but I really had no idea what to expect. As it turned out, she LOVED the book. I was over the moon. It means so much that PIVOT is one of Gothic&Enchanted’s favorite books!!!

The full review is below, and a link to it is below that. ♥

L.C. Barlow

PIVOT Book Review!
(Book One Of The Jack Harper Trilogy)

Reviewed on 5th July 2019.

“You can go your own way”

~ Good versus evil ~

I received an advanced paperback copy of PIVOT from the books author L.C. Barlow. I had mixed feelings about doing a book review because on one hand I was honoured to be chosen to do a review but on the other hand after years of reading a book a day I had recently given up reading because I felt like I was reading the same thing over and over, nothing stirred me or kept me captivated but things changed after reading PIVOT.

PIVOT tells the story of Jack Harper, a young girl who from the age of 7 is raised in a cult by its leader Cyrus Harper. Cyrus raises Jack in a large mansion and provides her with a wonderful education where she excels in all of her subjects however he also trains her to be a killing machine, his ultimate weapon against his enemies.

Also living in the mansion is Jack’s closest friend, Ronald, a guy who can be killed and then resurrected over and over and Alex, Cyrus’s deranged son but one day Jack discovers that there is someone else is living in the mansion…a mysterious creature who holds the key to immortality. Jack makes it her mission to discover who and what this creature is but when she does the world that she knows is turned upside down.

We, the reader, start Jack’s story when she is 7. I didn’t think I would enjoy reading a child’s version of events but I instantly got into the story and immediately felt invested in Jack’s life. Being a grandmother myself I was constantly found myself worrying about Jack whilst reading the book. By the end of the book Jack is 17 and I felt like I had been on the journey with her. I loved her character whilst hating others.

This book is a right pick n mix, there’s a little bit of everything…drama, horror, religion, mystery, supernatural content, violence, drugs and so much more. Some chapters are very easy to read whilst others left me feeling a little uneasy, mostly the content relating to drugs and animals but overall I loved it. I read it with very few breaks and after finishing it I read it again. I can not wait to read the second book PERISH which will be released in 2020 and the final book PEAK will be released in 2021.

I would like to mention after reading this book I went out and purchased new books and I’m back to being an happy avid reader. Thank you L.C. Barlow!

L. C. Barlow is an award winning author.
Her hobbies include going for afternoon tea and traveling.
She lives in Dallas, TX with her two cats.

This paperback book will be released on the 15th October 2019. Pre-orders available.

Released by California Coldblood Books.

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2 weeks ago

L. C. Barlow

“Beyond good and evil, Pivot juggles archetypes until you're not sure which ball is airborne and which is still in the author's hand. A story about cracking free of your intended role in life, as plot and depth travel at the same exceptional speed.”
—Josh Malerman, NYT Bestselling Author of Bird Box

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2 weeks ago

L. C. Barlow

"Pivot is perhaps one of the best first novels I have ever read. Tight. Clean. Imaginative. It's rare for a first-time author to create a homicidal protagonist who you want to follow. I'm eager to read more of these characters, because in Pivot, Barlow creates a universe of cruel."

—Weston Ochse, Award Winning Author of Burning Sky

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2 weeks ago

L. C. Barlow

“Impressive and arresting prose drives this vivid debut. (...) Barlow’s gorgeous writing will easily propel readers through the rest of the series.”
—Publishers Weekly
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